Silicon Valley Test Workshop – 2nd Year “Rocks”

2 5D? 3D? What? 3D IC Packaging - Ira Feldman
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Back for the second year (with a minor name change), the Silicon Valley Test Workshop is an unpolished gem. Looking past the rough edges (minor logistical issues), what really shines through is the interaction of the participants. This conference really has Continue reading “Silicon Valley Test Workshop – 2nd Year “Rocks””

Yes, 40%, Most Likely

What does your model say?

What does your model predict?

Even though this sounds like the start of a Carnac the Magnificent comedy act, these are some of the answers from my Probe Card Market model. I keep my model current so I know both industry and company specific performance as well as to make predictions. You don’t have a model? Are you reacting instead of predicting?

So here are the “questions” being answered:

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Silicon Valley Test Conference – Something New & Overdue

Starting off something new is often challenging and difficult with many unknowns. Kudos to Nick Langston for creating the Silicon Valley Test Conference that was held last week. (November 8 & 9, 2010) It was the first test conference to actually take place in Silicon Valley. And yes there were some minor “bugs” like registration delays and a no-show by the audio visual contractor that should be solved in next year’s Rev 2.0. Even with a few rough edges, the quality of the presentations and the exhibitors shined through to make this a success.

The conference opened with an excellent keynote address by well-known industry expert Continue reading “Silicon Valley Test Conference – Something New & Overdue”