IEEE Consumer Electronics Society – Conductive Inkjet Technology

Last night I attended the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Consumer Electronics Society monthly meeting. The main presentation was by Joel Yocom, Business Development Manager for Conductive Inkjet Technology Ltd.

His presentation will be posted here later.

Joel presented an overview of inkjet technology and how they are applying it to printing circuits. They have developed a process that allows them to inkjet a catalytic ink which after UV curing allows the electroless (e-less) plating of copper. Given the choice of inkjet systems from scanning formats where the print head moves to fixed heads where the material moves past the head they have a wide range of potential substrate sizes and formats to choose depending on the end application. Continue reading “IEEE Consumer Electronics Society – Conductive Inkjet Technology”

IEEE Nanotechnology Symposium – Session 4 – Nano Materials

Here are the highlights from Session 4 – Nano Materials from day two of the IEEE San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council 6th Annual Symposium“Nanotechnology: State of the Art & Applications”

Presentation archive for talks not linked below. Updated as the council receives the presentations.

Eric Granstrom, General Manager and V.P. of R&D, Cima NanoTech – “Self Aligning Nano Technology for Electronics.”

  • First product Self Aligning Nano Technology for Transparent Electronics (SANTE) is transparent conductive film produced by self aligning silver nanoparticles.
  • For the same transparency, it has 1/10 the resistance of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO).  Also doesn’t yellow shift the color.
  • Based upon current consumption, it is projected that there is only a 7 year supply of ITO.  China controls 80% of this supply.
  • Largest initial market is displays which have one or more (LCDs have two) conductive films.
  • Continue reading “IEEE Nanotechnology Symposium – Session 4 – Nano Materials”