Trillion Sensors – TApps: Ultra-High Volume Sensor Applications for Global Challenges

Click image to download presentation
Click image to download San Diego TSensors Summit presentation (update of Munich)

It was my pleasure to organize and present at two TSensors Summits: Munich and San Diego this fall. The enthusiasm and intellectual “horsepower” of the presenters and attendees was incredible!

My presentations explain the TSensors roadmap process and provide an overview of the global challenges that need solving. As such, the TSensors community is working on two roadmaps in parallel: TSensors and TSensors Systems. The TSensors Roadmap is focused on identifying ultra-high volume sensor application (Trillion Applications or “TApps”). While the TSensors System Roadmap is focused on the infrastructure (such as wireless, networking technology, ultra-low power, etc.) required to enable a world of TSensors. We are continuing to solicit contributors for both and welcome you to join us.

As previously described, solving real global challenges is THE motivation behind the TSensors effort. The size of these global challenges in terms of the numbers of people or the changes required to achieve “Abundance” is mind-boggling. As shown in the trend data, only minor incremental changes have been made. Therefore, disruptive exponential solutions including TSensors are required!

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