Coupling & Crosstalk: Knowledge worker or knowledge serf?

Coupling & Crosstalk is my column in the MEPTEC Report. This column appears in the 
Winter 2018 edition on pages 8-9.

Electronic coupling is the transfer of energy from one circuit or medium to another. Sometimes it is intentional and sometimes not (crosstalk). I hope that this column, by mixing technology and general observations, is thought provoking and “couples” with your thinking. Most of the time I will stick to technology but occasional crosstalk diversions may deliver a message closer to home.

Knowledge worker or knowledge serf?

“I want to chat with you but first I need a few moments to finish a computer task I’m working on. Rats! Why doesn’t it work? Hmm, the last time I did this was a year ago. Nothing seems the same, I first must untangle my brain from what appears to be non-standard logic and useless updates.”

Have you tried to figure out how you did something last time by Continue reading “Coupling & Crosstalk: Knowledge worker or knowledge serf?”

The Importance of Fundamentals

Joseph and Della Ready for Ski Lessons

While working with our son Joseph on his homework and skiing earlier this year, I was reminded of the importance of fundamentals. The challenges may have seemed an epic struggle from his perspective as an eight year old. As an adult, I was better able to put them in the proper perspective. Upon reflection on the seemingly unconnected events, I find they are both important reminders about learning and life in general.

Like other children and some adults, Joseph was having difficulties with math. He was struggling with his third grade homework Continue reading “The Importance of Fundamentals”